Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

They Always Have A Great Deal Here!

Although I don't know how to play any musical instruments, that doesn't stop me from checking Guitar Center which is one of my favorite musical stores online because they always have a great deal here! I like to see what kinds of sales they have and at the same time wishing that I could play some kind of instruments!

Frozen Mango Float

One of my favorite desserts that I love to make in the summertime is what we call in the Philippines, Mango Float! Not only it is good, but it is also very easy to make! There are different recipes that you can find on the internet, but mine only had 5 ingredients: Mango, Graham Crackers, sweetened condensed milk, table cream and a drop or two of vanilla extract.

I mixed the sweetened condensed milk, cream and vanilla extract. There are some recipes that you can mix the mango with the condensed milk and cream mixture by chopping the mango. I like to separate the mango in mine and use it as another layer. Anyway, you take any kinds of square pan or container, you put the graham crackers first, cover the bottom of the pan, then spread the condensed milk/cream mixture on top of graham crackers and then thinly sliced of mango! You just repeat the process of however many layers you want! Just make sure you have enough mango to put on the very top! You can either refrigerate it or freeze it! Either way, it is a wonderful dessert for summer!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer

The first time I have seen a moog minitaur bass synthesizer being played was on our local news on TV. I have never seen anything like it before, I thought it was such an odd and very unique looking musical instrument!

Anyway, seems like this particular musical instrument is getting really popular which is not surprising to me anymore since it does add a unique sound to the music! So if you are looking for one to add to your musical equipment collection, just click the link above!