Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Not So Great Experience Ordering At ToysRUs!

I do most of my shopping online since we are so far away from shopping centers! For me, it is more convenient ordering online right in the comfort of my own home and let the package come to me instead of driving so far out and beating the traffic and crazy drivers on the road!

Anyway, when I buy something online, I expect that I get the product exactly how I saw it online. I don't have that much bad experience shopping online except sometimes, the carriers losing my package, delivering to the wrong house! But my experienced buying from ToyRUs online was so bad that I just have to let it out on this post!

I tell you, I have never experienced such a bad, bad customer service from any other stores! It's like they make it very impossible to reach anybody, so you'll just get tired and hang up the phone and just forget about what you are calling about. Well, that's exactly what I did! I am not going to wait on the phone for about an hour on hold just to speak to one of their customer representatives! They also don't have an email service, so getting in touch with them is really impossible!

First of all, I received my package last night that I ordered from them. I only ordered 3 items, 240-piece construction papers, 96-count crayons and a Star Wars Activity kit the size of a pencil box. The box that they put the items in was huge for just that little item that I ordered. What made it worse is, there was no packaging stuff in it like bubble wraps or papers to keep the items from getting damaged! The package came just like in the picture above with no packaging, but worse, because all 96 crayons were out of the box and were all over the place. Good thing there wasn't much damage except for two broken tip crayons!

I could've easily oversee all of that, but I noticed that the construction papers that came is a 2-pack of 96-piece each which totaled to 192-piece! I ordered a pack of 240-piece, so they sent me 48-piece less! If it was just 2, 3 or even 10 short, I would've just forget about it and just go on with my life, but that's almost a whole pack!

So I decided to call customer service to try to retrieve what I am supposed to be getting, never expected that it is impossible to get in touch with anybody! I have never had this experience to any other stores at all. And being Christmas time is not an excuse not to be able to get a hold of a representative! If they're not trying to avoid their customer's complaints, they should have at least have an email service, so the customers can have at least a way of contacting them. In my opinion, ToyRUs is very aware that they are not doing a good job providing the needs and satisfaction to their customers that they try so hard to make it impossible to reach them!!

I am not trying in any way, shape or form to stain their reputation! I am just expressing my frustration based on what I had experienced! Usually, I blog about my good experience, getting good deals or bargains online. I mean I have some unpleasant experienced from other stores, but not this bad and their customer service are always there to help and have solved the problem!

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