Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Filipino Foods That I Fixed On My Son's 2nd Birthday

My youngest son's 2nd birthday was last Sunday. As I mentioned before, I fixed some Filipino foods. It was just a very simple celebration with just family and a couple of friends and their daughter who lives about 5 minutes from us! Below are the said Filipino foods that I had fix. Everybody seemed to enjoy it including me although the Lumpia or Eggrolls which is not pictured was a big mess! I used a different wrapper which I won't be using again in the future! But everyone said that it was still good even though it didn't look too appealing at all!

Escabeche! Fish that I used was a big stone fish or what we call in the Philippines "Isda sa bato"! I paid $9+ for this piece at the asian store!

Lechon Kawali! Instead of deep frying it, I put it in the oven which turned to be as good as deep frying it plus there was no big mess from oil splattering!

Left pic is what we call in the Philippines "Humba" or Pork braised in brown sugar and vinegar and of course spices! Right pic is Sweet and Sour meatballs. I am not really sure if this is a Filipino dish but I always cook it because aside from it taste really good, it is also very easy and simple to fix. Frozen meatballs, sweet and sour sauce and pineapple chunks are the only ingredients and put it in the crockpot for 2 hours and voila!

Last but not least, Pancit-Bihon or Bam-i! Birthday is not complete without this dish! We have this beliefs in the Philippines that having some kind of pancit or noodles on birthday celebration will give the celebrant long life! I don't know if there is a truth to this or not but it's been part of our culture over there!


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  1. daghana gud nimo'g giluto? ngayo nya ko recipe sa oven cooked kawali ha