Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pork Ginaling

This "Pork Ginaling" is what we had for supper tonight. I am actually missing some ingredients but it was still good. I added some celery in it too since we had some in the fridge. I thought it turned out good and not only me but my family seemed to love it especially my mother-in-law.

She is really starting to like all the Filipino foods that I fixed, she is getting use to it for sure! Before, she used to be very hesitant to try the food that I fixed for fear that it might have some weird ingredients in it that some people consider not edible but I think she knows now that it's not all that bad! :)


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Kids Are Afraid of Dentists and How to Help

Let’s face it, kids are not the only one afraid of going to Palm Bay dentists. There are plenty of people of all ages afraid to go and see the dentist. However, it does not have to be that way for your children. Once you understand why kids are afraid of the dentist, you can help change it. Giving your kids a chance to overcome their fear of the dentist will be something they will be grateful to you for the rest of their life. 

The Fear of the Dentist
Kids are naturally curious about the dentist. Before they ever go to an actual dentist appointment, they are curious and may even be excited to go to the dentist. However, once in the office, a simple cry from another child while they are waiting in the lobby is enough to begin that fear. Of course, having a personal experience of dental work on bad teeth, which can cause pain, is enough to scare them for good. However, this is fear that can be avoided with the proper preparation.
Make Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist a Field Trip
One way to help a child and their feelings toward a dentist is to make sure their first trip to the dentist is fun. This may mean that you take them on a field trip, where they will meet the dentist, sit in the chair, and learn about dental hygiene. This is best done at a time when there will not be other screaming children there. Of course, it is good for them to get a toothbrush, stickers, and other fun things from the dentist. This starts their relationship with a dentist off in the right way.
Dental Hygiene Is a Vital Key
One way to ensure your child will not be afraid of the dentist is to make sure they are doing everything they are supposed to do in relation to their dental hygiene habits. If they are brushing, flossing, and doing all they should, they will most likely not have cavities. This means the checkup will be only that. If there is no pain associated with the dentist, there is no fear. Palm Bay dentists will thank you for helping your child avoid a fear of going to see them.

Simple DIY Nail Arts

Doing nail arts are what I've been up to these past few days. For some reason I am just in the mood to do it. They are really very simple to do, well except for last one, it was kinda hard to do flowers on its stem with leaves! I know it's a mess! LOL! But I thought of trying it out to see what it looks like and it's not too good!

But anyway, the first two designs are very easy to do! The flower design, all I did was do the center first and then work all around for petals. The dog print is basically the same thing except that I only put three toe-nail prints on top!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kids, Cookies, Memories, and Losing a Segment of Society

Although there are plenty of people around who still remember the 1950s, many alive today did not live during that time. It is a foreign concept to most kids today that their mother would have warm cookies and milk at home for them when returning from school. However, that was common in the 1950s. Today, far fewer mothers are able to stay home during the day. Many moms are forced into the workforce in order to help provide the financial needs of their family. It is a sad reality of the society we live in today. Gone are the days of coming home to warm cookies and milk with mom. However, that does not stop moms from being creative. For example, some will buy an assortment of gourmet cookies from places like and have them delivered to the home for their children to have when they come home from school.
Making Cookies and Memories Anyways

Although many moms cannot be waiting at home with warm cookies and milk when their children return home from school, many moms understand the value of what that does and why moms of earlier generations did it. Having cookies with the kids is a chance to make memories. It is also a chance to talk about the day, and how things went. Even though it may not be right after school, many moms are making cookies at night to have with their children. Any time with children is valuable, and it is worth making cookies at any time possible. Moms today are strong women that understand the role they now must play.
Why Kids Love Cookies

Kids love sweets of any kind. Cookies fall into this category. However, it is not just the taste of the cookie kids love. Kids love the memories that come with cookies as well. For example, think back to a Halloween or a Valentine’s Day when you were in elementary school. Chances are you remember frosting a sugar cookie with pink frosting on Valentine’s Day and orange frosting on Halloween. That cookie you decorated is tied to the memories of what that holiday was for you as a kid. The method may be changing, such as ordering cookies from places like, but the reasoning is the same.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Harvest Of The Green Beans

We harvested our green beans this afternoon for the second time. Picture above is actually the first harvest, I didn't get to take a picture of the second harvest today but we pretty much got the same amount this time as the first harvest. This variety of green beans is called "Greasy Short Cut". It is my mother-in-law and husband's favorite variety of green beans.

Anyway, my mother-in-law took the harvested beans home with her so she can cook it tomorrow or in a few days. My husband prefer her cooking it for she can really cook it good! She was also the one who fixed the first harvest. I don't know how she does it but she definitely have the magic touch when it comes to cooking these beans!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana

If you're a frequent diner at Olive Garden, you probably have tried their soups there. We do not go out to eat often but if we do go there, we always go for their unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks. Aside from it is the cheapest meal on their menu, their soups are really excellent. My mother-in-law and I's all time favorite is the Zuppa Toscana. I love the creamy soup with a little hint of spiciness in it from the red pepper flakes. My husband's favorite is the Pasta E Fagioli.

Anyway, it has been such a long time since we've been there. About a month ago, I fixed my husband his favorite soup there which is the Pasta E Fagioli. You can easily find the recipe online and it is very easy to fix. So since I fixed his, I decided to treat myself and my mother-in-law by fixing our favorite Zuppa Toscana soup which is pictured above, again, recipe can be found all over the internet. Of course we paired it with breadsticks not homemade though, and a homemade salad! It was like dining in at Olive Garden but without paying the high price plus we got plenty of leftovers!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Different Forms Of Art

People have different opinions or views when it comes to art. In my opinion, everything can be looked at as an art. It all depends on how people interpret things or what they stand or believe in. As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". It all depends on an individual  as how he/she looks at things.

Some people would find a photo on canvas of their loved ones as a piece of art which I consider myself not only art but as well as a memory to be preserved and to be looked at and remembered in the future and could be handed down to the next generation as a family heirloom.

There are also those who find art in an architectural manner like houses that are made out of shipping containers. I've seen on TV before what those houses look like and I am very amazed and impressed of how creative and talented these people who came up with the idea! Even metals from a metal fabrication can be turned into an artwork. You just never know what people can come up with, it doesn't matter what kind of material it is, if they see beauty in it, it can turn into an art!

Maja Anyone?

I finally had the chance to make this delectable dessert that we  call in the Philippines "Maja" the other day. I have been craving it for about a week since I saw the picture posted on facebook by one of my friends. I wanted to make it right then and thought that I had all ingredients in stock, but to my disappointment, I was missing one ingredient which was the condensed milk. I didn't have any choice but to wait until I could get the missing ingredient.

Anyway, what I love about this particular dessert is mainly because of how easy it is to make! I used the recipe from which I think is the best recipe of all the ones that I have tried! I had to cut the recipe in half since I am the only one that would eat it in this household! I decided to put some roasted peanuts in the mixture and on top after it was cooked. That's how I remember my aunt back in the Philippines made hers...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finding Quality, Inexpensive Taxi Service

For business travelers, cab service can get quite expensive. Although it may seem like finding cheap and reliable DFW taxi service is impossible that isn't entirely the case. There are ways to find this type of transportation, but you have to do your research.
Shop Around

Shopping around for the best cab service may seem absurd, but if you want quality yet inexpensive transportation this is the way to do it. There are 17 cab companies that serve the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. These cab companies compete with each other on a daily basis. They know that in order to get your business they have to make their fares reasonable. Prior to arriving in Dallas-Fort Worth head over to the airport website under the taxi section. Here you will find the numbers of all the cab companies that service airport travelers. Give each of these companies a call until you find the company that will offer you service that fits within your budget.
Reserving a Cab

Shopping around for a cab isn't the only way to find cheap cab fare. When you shop around and choose a company ask for a discount for reserving a cab in advance. Cab companies (and cab drivers) lose money when their cabs set idle. By reserving a cab ahead of time you are guaranteeing that cab company your business. You could be rewarded by the cab company for this reservation. If the cab company doesn't offer you a discount for reserving in advance, ask for it. What is the worst they could tell you? No? If they do, hang up and try the next company.

Consider Flat Rate Service

The Dallas-Fort Worth airport website lists approximate flat rate fare locations. These locations are places like the Dallas Business District, the Convention City, and Arlington City Hall to name just a few locations. If you need a DFW taxi to a hotel near one of these locations, consider paying the flat rate to that location and then walking the extra block or two to your hotel. This can save you more money than you may imagine.

All Filipino Foods!

I am somewhat fortunate to be able to eat some Filipino foods that I am used to eating back home, just like in the picture above. Tilapia is not hard to find. You can buy it at Walmat for about $6+ per pack and there's probably about 4 fish in each pack. But I always prefer buying mine at Sam's. Although the price is twice as much but you will get about 8 pieces of fish and they are way bigger than the ones at Walmart! The rice you can pretty much buy anywhere. I use Jasmine rice and I also buy it at Sam's for it is so much cheaper there than buying at an Asian store or local grocery store.

Speaking of Asian store, I got so lucky the other day stopping by there for I found some fresh packs of water spinach or Kankong in Filipino. This is such a big deal for me because this kind of vegetable is so rare to find! They had 3 packs and bought two of them for $2.89 each! I immediately fixed that night with grilled Tilapia and steamed white all Filipino foods!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go from Point A to Point B with Soul

You have seen the commercials for the Kia Soul in Bridgewater, NJ. Funny little creatures drive around post-apocalyptic landscapes with robots battling it out until the dance breaks out. They sit in their vehicle rocking out to some hip hop tune while their fellow creatures are driving cardboard boxes and falling over. The commercials are cute, eye-catching, and funny in an odd sort of way. Who knew that hamsters could sell cars? While visiting your local Kia dealership will probably not reveal to you these giant hamsters, it can reveal to you the truth about cars in general and Kias in particular.

Point A

A car’s main function should be to get you from point A to point B. That is it. Every other vehicular function in American society is not a function of the car itself but is a function of perception. Even with numerous calls to not judge a book by its cover and judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, people are still judged based on their appearance rather than their abilities and how they apply those abilities. Cars, like clothes, are a part of that character.
Point B

People in the United States have grown up with the car as the primary rite into adulthood. It represents freedom from the parents and prying eyes. It represents the freedom to go anywhere, to take any job, and to be anyone. A car is the be all, end all of American public life. Without a car, you are nothing more than a schlep looking for a ride.
The Right Car

The car in American society is imbued with so many mythical stories and characteristics that it is important for the driver to remember that the car is just a machine and nothing more. Even if it is a really cool car with the street cred of a Kia Soul in Bridgewater, NJ, it is still just an object to be used at the discretion of its owner. The right perspective on your car will help you maintain a good quality of life.

Monday, August 12, 2013

More Water Spinach Or Kang Kong To Be Cooked!

I feel so lucky today to find Water Spinach or Kang Kong at the asian store today. They had about 3 packs for $2.89 each pack and grabbed two of the bags! I just couldn't believe that they had it there today. For 8 years of coming there to buy some Filipino products, today was the very first time I have ever seen fresh water spinach being sold there! 

Anyway, a week ago I just harvested some from our little garden and I was wanting more! And now I will be eating more!!! I am just very thrilled right now! I will be fixing it for supper tonight with some rice and fried Tilapia! It will be an authentic Filipino meal tonight! Can't wait!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Important Items to Consider in Financing a New Car

When buying a new Chevy Cruze in Wheeling, IL, one of the most important elements to consider is how you are going to pay for the car. According to an article published by Kelly Blue Book, there are some things you should consider when working through the finances for your car. Three things they suggest are as follows:

-Carefully determine the amount of money you want to spend.
-Decide what to do with your current car.
-Use online tools to estimate your loan amount.

Your Price Limit

This step requires a careful, honest evaluation of your current financial state. Take a serious look at your monthly budget, and think about how much money you want to devote to a car payment. Figure out this amount before you start looking for cars. Many individuals get sucked into buying a car that they really cannot afford. Sometimes they try to stretch the amount of car they can purchase by choosing longer loan rates. It is better, however, to evaluate your income, and stay within a budget.
Your Current Vehicle

Unless you want to keep your current vehicle, you have some choices to make about how to dispose of your car. You can get the most money out of your current car by selling it directly to someone else. Selling your car, though, takes a lot of work. You need to clean it, list it, and be available to show it. If you have the time and energy to go through this process, you could make more money than using it as a trade-in. On the flip side, it does require a lot of work to sell a car, and for many people, time is money. If that is the case for you, your best option might be to use it as a trade-in.
Your Loan Amount

The next step is to calculate how much car you can afford. There are several online calculators that will help you determine your price range based on the desired loan payment. They also allow you to add in variables such as the size of your down payment and costs for taxes and licensing. Once you know the price range you can afford, you will know how many add-ons you can afford when shopping for a new Chevy Cruze in Wheeling, IL.

Sauteed Water Spinach Or Tangkong!

I was just so thrilled that I got to eat this sauteed water spinach or "ginisang tankong" in Filipino the other day! Oh gosh I was needing more! It was barely enough for 3 mouths! LOL! My husband and my youngest son had some of it too and they both loved it! I wish I had more, I can eat this everyday but supply is limited unfortunately! But I am so thankful to my husband, he is the reason why I had a taste of it the other day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reduce Collateral Damage from Fossil Fuels with Fuel Efficient Vehicles

What kind of vehicle are you driving? Does it get great mileage? Is it easy to park when you go into the city? Are you afraid that you might scratch the top of it when you go under an overpass? Have you used it to compete in a monster truck rally, and not as one of those cars that get crushed? It may be time to think about getting a new car that is more in line with the current state of affairs in the world. A Chicago VW Jetta dealer can help you find a vehicle that will match your lifestyle to a car that is more economical and better suited to the environment.

Morality and the Gas Guzzler

Climate change is no longer debated in the scientific community. Only a few, lonely reactionary politicians who have their pockets lined with oil and gas profits continue to believe that the pollution that humans generate is not responsible for increasing temperatures. The problem is that they are making too much money to give up the petroleum, and that is causing people to die in places as far away as The Maldives and as close to home as Salt Lake City. America has to decide how many deaths and illnesses are okay when using gasoline and other petroleum products.


Unfortunately, the average citizen cannot get by without a vehicle. Most jobs require a commute that is just too far to walk, and on red air days in Salt Lake City, you do not want to walk because of the damage it will do to your lungs. What people can do is decide that it is time to get a more eco-friendly vehicle that will help you save money on fuel expenses and will cause less damage to the environment. The higher the gas mileage, the more time that people will have to adapt to a different type of lifestyle. A Chicago VW Jetta dealer can help you find a car that makes sense for you, your family and the environment. The bonus is that a smaller vehicle is easier to park and costs less in maintenance and fuel.

Little Green Froggy On The Lettuce Leaf

This was so cute! Last week when my husband went to the greenhouse to pick out some lettuce to make salad as a side for our supper that night. He found this little green froggy resting on the lettuce leaf! He immediately came back home and told me to come on to the greenhouse and bring my camera, for me and him both have never seen this scene before and probably would never see it again. I was hesitating at first because I was washing dishes and I really hate to be disturbed when I am doing something but he insisted, so I got my camera and went to the greenhouse.

When he took the lettuce leaves apart, I immediately saw the little tiny cute creature that was on the lettuce leaf. I thought that was the cutest thing ever! I immediately took a bunch of pictures for I was afraid the it might get scared and leap away. I love the shots that I got! I even made one of the pictures as my wallpaper on my laptop! This froggy was just too cute. First time I have ever seen one in that kind! It was just about 2 inches long and probably about 4 inches when it is stretched out. My husband said that it was a tree frog. I just keep looking at the pictures, I can't get over how cute it is especially that it was in my favorite color, GREEN! LOL!