Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Keeping Your Metal Tough through Peening

Metal working has been a craft for many centuries. In the past, the process of fabricating metal and then shaping it was so long and arduous that people only used metal for weapons or for the occasional jewelry piece. Most of the tools, furniture, and other equipment manufactured were made out of wood or from stone. Now that we live in an age of fast-paced industry, metal can be made and worked for all kinds of purposes, from the steel skeletons of tall skyscrapers to the aluminum cans we drink from to the paneling on automobiles and airplanes. Because metal is so widely used in reinforcing various structures, it’s important that said metal is as strong as possible. If you’re picking up materials to use in your industry, it’s important to acquire it from a company that subjects their metal to the process of peening in Indianapolis.

What Is Peening?

Peening is actually a method of strengthening metal that dates back to ancient times. In those days, peening was a very slow process, performed with a special type of hammer. This hammer featured a ball-shaped striking end. This hammer needed to be spherical in order to create an even distribution of dimpling in the metal, rather than an odd dent. The compression created from this dimple stretches the metal ever so slightly and strengthens it against corrosion from stress or fatigue. It sounds strange, but by subjecting the metal to a beating from a ballpeen hammer, the metal is actually strengthened against weathering and abuse in a significant fashion. It also helps the metal maintain an even shape. Today, modern peening is accomplished by firing a bunch of small round balls at a metal sheet through a nozzle that is powered by a high level of air compression. It’s almost like firing buckshot out of a gun. The balls can be made from steel, ceramic, or glass, depending on the type of stress you want to expose your metal to.

Peening in Industry

Any industrial endeavor that requires strong metal will require the services of a company that performs peening in Indianapolis. This includes the manufacture of cars and planes, the erection of buildings, and making springs. Peening is even used in medicine, as it can be used to coat a metal material with biocompatible ceramics so it can be used to make certain implants.Whatever industry you work in, if you use metal, you probably need that metal peened. Contact a company that specializes in peening today.

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