Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Film Production Is No longer Limited to Hollywood

With the digital age, film production has gone from a necessarily expensive thing to something that can be done very cheaply. How many cat videos has your grandma put on YouTube? That doesn’t mean that quality productions do not need a budget, it just means that there are more places where filming can be done without the high cost of shooting on location. Film production companies in San Francisco provide a good example of places that produce quality productions at an inexpensive price for all video needs. Whether you want to shoot the next big Super Bowl commercial or the next low budget zombie thriller, it is easier than you might think to get a quality film out of today’s digital equipment.
The Possibilities

If you visit any of the numerous video websites on the Internet, you will see videos that were shot with all sorts of cameras. Camera technology has advanced far enough that some smart phones can shoot relatively high quality footage. However, good film production doesn’t just require a high end picture quality. Sound, lighting, script, actors, and many other things must also be taken into consideration if you want to make a film that can be shown in the theaters.
Location, Location, Location

Where you shoot is as important to the story and the budget as anything else you do with the film. Film production companies in San Francisco can make sure that your video stands out from all of the other muck that is on the Internet. By providing the right equipment and the know how, these companies will get more out of your production than you ever thought possible. They may not be able to write your script for you, but there are several other places that they can help. Whether you want to make something exclusively for the web or you want to make the next small film success along the lines of The Blair Witch Project(there is nothing better than seeing the credits roll and having your name there), you can find a company that will be able to help with all aspects of video production.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hydroponic Gardening Versus Regular Gardening

I am not an expert when it comes to gardening but I do enjoy it and it is one of the things that gives me joy to do around here. My husband on the other hand, knows more than me and I consider him as an expert when it comes to gardening. He is also knows a lot about this hydroponic gardening which he has been doing for how many years. All I know about the hydroponic is you can do it either outdoor or indoor and the plants does not requires dirt but just planted in this tiny clay balls that's called hydroballs, I'm not really sure.
Anyway, as you may all know, my husband built a greenhouse specifically for his hydroponics. Right now, he's got some lettuces, tomatoes, herbs, eggplants, peppers and water spinach planted in there hydroponically. What amazes me about this hydroponic gardening is how big the plants gets compare to regular gardening!

Below you can see the difference of the Eggplant planted in hydroponic versus the one that is planted in dirt...
As you notice, the left pic which is in hydroponic, you can see how big the leaves are compare to the one on the right which is an Eggplant planted in dirt! And the funny thing about this is, before my husband planted the Eggplant hydroponically, it was smallest plants in the bunch but now it is the biggest! That's just one of the beauties of planting in hydroponics!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sweet Potato Tops With Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Tomatoes And Green Onions

Picture above is what I had for lunch today. The sweet potato tops or what we call in Cebu "gay"(pronounce "guy" as in dude in English) came straight from my garden that I am growing myself. I am fortunate enough that the sweet potato tops is easy to find here. I bought mine at a local nursery here in our area. A lot of people here in America don't know that you can eat the sweet potato tops or vine. They use it for foliage in the garden because of it's dark purple color leaves.

Anyway, the way I fix this dish is exactly how I remember my mama used to fix hers and that is to boil the leaves first, when it is tender, drain the water, then add lemon juice and vinegar.Then chopped tomatoes, green onions or onions and salt to taste and voila! A healthy and yummy dish!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Youngest Son's Sketch

Picture above is my youngest son that I have sketched the other night. I was so bored that I didn't know what else to do. I remembered making a sketch of my oldest son 5 or 6 years ago and actually ran onto it a few days back while I was looking for something. It's been a while since I have drawn something. 

Although this drawing is not as close as the real thing, I actually really like it that I put in the frame to hang in the wall and also my oldest son's sketch. I got to figure out where to hang it though.

Anyway, below are the side by side pictures of the original picture that I was using as guide and the drawing. I posted it on Facebook and several people commented that the drawing is so close to the original picture. But I just do not see it, I mean it is kinda similar but I don't think it is even close...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here Comes More Rain!

It has been raining here in our area everyday for the past two weeks or perhaps more! I am not exaggerating! All this rain have definitely good and bad effects. Some of the good effects are, the weather is definitely a lot cooler this year compared to the past years and of course, it is also good for the gardens outside. But, when there is a positive, there is also the negative sides. 

This rain have caused so much flooding in different places here in NC. We are so fortunate that we live in a much higher elevation so we are not really affected by the floods. But raining everyday like this has damaged some of our property like our driveway messing up and washing down the road! Although my husband will be able to fix our driveway, he has to have a dry weather to do it. But it seems like he won't be getting it anytime soon!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pak Choi And Some Lettuce Are Ready To Be Harvested

Wow! I am just so impressed with my husband's hydroponics! Some of our vegetables are ready to be harvested! Pictures below were taken just this morning when I went to check his greenhouse...

The Pak Choi or also known as the baby Bok Choi and some of the lettuce are ready to be harvested. We will be harvesting them later for our supper tonight. I can't hardly wait! This is one of the beauties of having your own vegetable garden at home, you get to eat them as fresh as it can be! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Easy Crescent Taco Bake

I saw this recipe that someone had shared on facebook over a month ago. I've been wanting to try it out and seemed like I couldn't find the perfect time to do it. But tonight for supper, I finally got to try it out. It was my first and DEFINITELY won't be the last time that I'll be fixing this dish. Aside from how easy it is to make, it is also very delicious! It is a taco, except that it is baked and instead of using a taco shells or tortillas, the recipe calls for Crescents for crust and in my opinion, it taste so much better than the regular taco shells or tortillas!

Anyhow, my family enjoyed it very much especially my picky-eater 7-year old! The whole time he was eating his, he just kept mumbling how good it was and after we finished eating and were taking a walk outside, he was still telling me how good the supper I fixed! LOL! It truly flattered me that someone appreciated the food that I fixed so much!

Anyway, below is a closer look of what it looks like after putting the toppings. Basically, you just mix the ground beef, taco mix and salsa together and baked it with the Crescent and then you add the toppings if desired after it is bake. And to me, it's not a Taco if it's missing the toppings. So I had lettuce, tomatoes, onions and of course sour cream for toppings! ;)


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gladiolas Are Blooming Beautifully!

I bet if you were to go to my house, the very first thing that will catch your attention before entering the house would be my Gladiolas! They are in full-bloom right now and are looking so beautifully outside. There are only two things that I do not like about the Gladiolas and these are, when they start blooming, sometimes, the flower itself gets really heavy that it falls down on the ground and the other thing that I hate is, when they spread out, they have the tendency to get out of hand where the new growth would look like grass or weeds and to me, it doesn't look too attractive! But the flowers are truly beautiful and I love the arrangement too!

Anyway, below are a couple of shots of what my Gladiolas look outside. I have been picking some to put in the vase together with other flowering plants that are blooming right now too! I tell you, I can just stare at my flowers all day if given a chance! But I know that would be impossible as busy as I am! Anyhow, enjoy my beautiful flowers below..

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Air Conditioning Repair Business

Anyone who works in air conditioning repair in Marietta understands how busy and crazy things can get in the summertime. The society we live in today does not tolerate going without air conditioning for any length of time at all. It is hard to imagine any society going without air conditioning, especially in the heat in Marietta in the summer, although plenty have before.

From the Perspective of the AC Repair Technician

When you are the technician in the field, making the repairs to air conditioner after air conditioner, it can be frustrating to have upset customers. From the perspective of the technician, they are running around all day long, going as fast as they can go, often without stopping for lunch, to try to get to everyone they can. Yet, they still face angry customers each day. If you were to ask the technicians, they would tell you people who are living in a home with broken AC tend to have less patience. The best thing a customer can do for a technician is show some patience and to throw a little love their way, such as cookies or a cold drink, and it will make all the difference for them.

From the Perspective of the Customer

Customers are sometimes upset by the time the repair technician gets there because they have been without air conditioning for a while. The heat tends to make people a little grumpier. They understand that the air conditioning repair company has many people to get to, but a customer will tend to feel they have waited longer than they really have. A repair technician who is extra friendly in their approach and patient with the customer will put things at ease. When the repair technician will take the time to listen to the customer and make sure that they are happy with the results, it goes a long ways in changing the opinion of the customer. This is one of the greatest secrets to air conditioning repair in Marietta.When each side takes the time to understand the perspective of the other, a loyal relationship begins and the result is a home with an air conditioner in excellent working condition.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Three Benefits to Using Bulk Mulch

You probably have seen piles of bulk mulch in Austin. Have you wondered what all of that mulch is used for and what the advantages are of using bulk mulch? Read on to find out three advantages to using bulk mulch to enhance your landscaping.

Bulk Mulch Is Beautiful

One of the main reasons that people use mulch is because it is attractive to many landscapes. It can give your yard clean lines between the grass and other landscaping. It provides contrast between the house and the yard, and it gives a finished look to landscaping areas.

Weed Reduction

If you don’t like to pick weeds, mulch is a great option. All you have to do is lay down black landscaping plastic on the area where you don’t want weeds. Cut holes in the plastic in the areas where you will have perennial trees, shrubs, or flowers. Finally, you top off the areas with mulch. The mulch will make it so that hardly any weeds will surface throughout the year.
If you are the kind of person that loves annual flowers in your landscaping, you can forgo the landscaping plastic and just use mulch. The mulch will cut down a lot of the weeds, but you may have to use a weed killer to further prevent weeds.

Holds in Moisture

Plants need a lot of moisture to survive the hot summer months. Mulch is a great way to lock in moisture. If a plant is left open to the sun, it may dry out if not watered at least daily. Bulk mulch allows you to water less because the water is held into the soil.

This moisture-locking ability is especially good for new trees. New trees are very susceptible to dry out during the first few years on implantation. Adding bulk mulch around the tree will make it so that the new and delicate tree roots will not have to compete with other plants like grass. The tree will grow twice as fast and will have a greater chance of survival.

If you are landscaping this summer, consider bulk mulch in Austin. Not only is it an attractive option to any landscape, but it can also give you a healthier, weed-free yard.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Speaker For My iPod

My husband must have read my mind! I have been thinking of getting a speaker for my iPod for weeks and today I got one as a birthday present from my family! Good thing I didn't go through with my plan on buying one on Amazon. Picture above is the speaker, one of the presents that I received from my family. It is actually has more than what I had intended to buy. I just wanted a speaker but this one that I got for my birthday has more features. It changes colors, it is also an alarm clock and a charging station! 

I guess hubby is tired of me carrying my iPod wherever I go! LOL! But I really love this. I can listen to my favorite songs much louder now than just using the built-in in my iPod and at the same time charge it! I haven't really fooled with it yet. We were in a hurry, trying to get ready to go out when I opened it earlier today. I will surely fool with it before I go to bed!

Vagus Nerve Stimulation by a Neurosurgeon

The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that extends from the brainstem down to the viscera. These nerves take impulses from the brain to body parts, especially in the head and neck. The vagus nerve goes all the way to the chest and abdomen. It helps to regulate muscle control, breathing, and even the heart beat. When neurosurgeons in Columbus, Ohio, treat epilepsy and other medical conditions, they may choose to use vagus nerve stimulation.

What Is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?   

Vagus nerve stimulation uses an implanted device like a pacemaker. The device is surgically implanted into the chest and a wire connecting the stimulator to an electrode on the vagus nerve is placed under the skin as well. The device sends electrical signals to the brainstem via the vagus nerve. The nerve then sends signals to certain areas of the brain.

Why Is It Done?

This procedure can be done as an alternative to anti-seizure drugs. These drugs often don’t work for people with epilepsy, so vagus nerve stimulation can be used to help reduce the frequency of seizures. It is typically used for those with partial epilepsy whose seizures aren’t controlled well with medications. In addition to epilepsy, the procedure may be used to treat those with depression. Generally it is only used for patients who have not had results with medications, psychotherapy, and/or electroconvulsive therapy. However, this is usually done in conjunction with standard depression treatments.

How Is It Done?

The surgery is done in one or two hours, and is usually on an outpatient basis. A few weeks after the surgery, the stimulator is programmed to regularly generate pulses of electricity. The levels are dependent upon the patient’s level of tolerance. The programming is done in the doctor’s office, but the patient can also use a hand-held magnet to start an immediate current of electricity to stop or reduce the severity of a seizure.

How Can It Help?

The idea behind vagus nerve stimulation is that the stimulation of the nerve sends electrical energy into the brain to disrupt the brain activity that causes seizures. It’s also thought to release certain brain chemicals that decrease seizures. Many see a significant decrease in seizure frequency when receiving this treatment from neurosurgeons in Columbus, Ohio.

My Gladiolas Are Blooming!

One of the benefits of having your own flowering garden at home is you get to pick fresh flowers for FREE! Pictures above are of my Gladiolas that are currently blooming in my garden. Aren't they pretty? Aside from beautifying my yard and adding vibrant and different colors, I also get to pick them anytime I want for FREE! I don't have to ask anybody's permission since it is mine and I work hard to see these beauties. Gardening is definitely a productive and fun hobby for sure and I'm fortunate enough that I have one of those talent that they call "green thumb" for I am able to grow any kinds of plants that I want to!

How to Open Home Health Agencies

Many families shudder at the thought of placing their parent or grandparent in a nursing home. They believe that their loved one’s place is at home with them. However, some families may not have the time or resources to care for their parent. Fortunately, there are home health agencies in Dallas that can furnish these needs. These agencies provide such services such as shopping, cooking, bathing, escorting the patient to the toilet, managing medications, etc. The services are provided by professional nurses, aides, and therapists. Since there is a demand for these services, you may consider opening up a home health agency in your area.

Licensing and Insurance

Be sure you have all paperwork in order before you execute your business. A home health agency is required to have the appropriate licensing by the state. To find out more info on how to get licensed, visit Type in “licenses” and then click on “Get Business Licenses and Permits." Find your location. Next, click on “Home Health Care” to select your business type. A page should pull up that details how to get the required licenses for your business. After receiving licensure, you’ll be expected to maintain certain safety and health standards. Expect the CMS and Department of Health to provide regular inspections to ensure you are meeting these standards. Don’t forget to take care of health insurance as well, which you can obtain through your state health insurance agency. The insurance is there to cover injuries and damages that occur to workers and patients. Without it, you’ll be subject to hefty bills and may be forced to shut down.

Office and Staff

Although you’ll be sending employees to home locations, you’ll still need to have an office. This is where clients will visit you to discuss your services. Set up a waiting room for your clients, a space for your clerical work, and a conference room where one can discuss business. When hiring staff, be sure that you hire licensed, competent individuals. See what certifications and other qualifications they have when you interview them. Be sure to run background checks on these potential hires since you’ll want to take on quality individuals for home health agencies in Dallas.

Turned Twenty-Seven Years Old Today

Today I turned 27-years old! So thankful to GOD for another year he has given me to enjoy the things that I love, the very top of the list is of course my family especially my two boys!

Anyway, as a birthday celebration, as usual we just went out to eat and my chosen resto is of course the chinese buffet! It has been awhile since we've been there and I really miss their food and today, I finally got to eat their foods and filled my gut thanks to my wonderful family for treating me on my special day.

It is just a simple celebration but means so much to me. Another happy moment to be remembered with my family! GOD is good indeed and I am truly grateful for every blessings he sent/sends my way!

Keeping Your Metal Tough through Peening

Metal working has been a craft for many centuries. In the past, the process of fabricating metal and then shaping it was so long and arduous that people only used metal for weapons or for the occasional jewelry piece. Most of the tools, furniture, and other equipment manufactured were made out of wood or from stone. Now that we live in an age of fast-paced industry, metal can be made and worked for all kinds of purposes, from the steel skeletons of tall skyscrapers to the aluminum cans we drink from to the paneling on automobiles and airplanes. Because metal is so widely used in reinforcing various structures, it’s important that said metal is as strong as possible. If you’re picking up materials to use in your industry, it’s important to acquire it from a company that subjects their metal to the process of peening in Indianapolis.

What Is Peening?

Peening is actually a method of strengthening metal that dates back to ancient times. In those days, peening was a very slow process, performed with a special type of hammer. This hammer featured a ball-shaped striking end. This hammer needed to be spherical in order to create an even distribution of dimpling in the metal, rather than an odd dent. The compression created from this dimple stretches the metal ever so slightly and strengthens it against corrosion from stress or fatigue. It sounds strange, but by subjecting the metal to a beating from a ballpeen hammer, the metal is actually strengthened against weathering and abuse in a significant fashion. It also helps the metal maintain an even shape. Today, modern peening is accomplished by firing a bunch of small round balls at a metal sheet through a nozzle that is powered by a high level of air compression. It’s almost like firing buckshot out of a gun. The balls can be made from steel, ceramic, or glass, depending on the type of stress you want to expose your metal to.

Peening in Industry

Any industrial endeavor that requires strong metal will require the services of a company that performs peening in Indianapolis. This includes the manufacture of cars and planes, the erection of buildings, and making springs. Peening is even used in medicine, as it can be used to coat a metal material with biocompatible ceramics so it can be used to make certain implants.Whatever industry you work in, if you use metal, you probably need that metal peened. Contact a company that specializes in peening today.