Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


 This Odong dish has been one of my favorite "pinobre" foods since I was just a child. It is one of the cheap meals that my mama can easily buy for a family 8. I am really glad that I am able to buy this noodle without having my family to send me a package from the Philippines, it is really expensive! Thanks to the internet and of course Facebook, I can just easily order it when I want it through other Filipinos.

Although we have an Asian store about an hour away from where we live, but they don't carry a lot of Filipino foods that I am used to eating when I was still in the Philippines like this Odong. But I am glad though that I am still able to get it even if I have to wait almost a week for it to come in the mail!


  1. We really have some food we just want to eat no matter where we are.

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  3. I don't think I've tasted this dish before but looks YUM!