Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Guest Book

One of the things that you need to have in your wedding day is a wedding guest book. It is where the invited guests signs their names and add a little sweet notes or messages for the couple! This is something that you can keep as a memory to look back again in the future in case you forget who was all in there on your very special day! So it is very important that you pick out a guest book that you would want to look again and durable enough to last a while and perhaps you can pass it down to your future kids and make a family heirloom out of it!

So Windy Outside!

It is kinda scary how the wind is blowing so hard outside! It has been blowing like that since last night. We are surrounded with so many trees and it scares me that one of those trees close to our house might break and fall on our house.

What would be more scary if it will happen in the middle of the night while we are all fast asleep! God forbid! It like rainy days sometimes but not with the wind blowing almost at 30 mph! That's just a little too hard!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Dental Care Reports

We all know how important it is to have and maintain healthy teeth. Brushing your teeth twice daily and going to a dentist regularly will surely help you maintain a healthy smile. If you live somewhere in Houston and currently looking for a dentist, you can check the free dental care reports

This will enable you to find a reputable dentist and make sure that it won't make you go on unnecessary procedure or treatments that you don't really need to have. This is about saving money and at the same time get that healthy teeth and good looking smile that everybody desires! So please check the site and start finding the perfect dentist for you!

Enjoying The Beautiful Weather Outside

What a lovely day today! It sure is nice to see the sun shining so brightly two days in a row for a change. It had been so gloomy and cold outside the past weeks and I am loving the beautiful weather outside! I took my youngest son outside to let him enjoy the beautiful weather as well and yes he enjoyed it a lot. I snapped several pictures of him which I attached some above. 

He has so been so miserable the past days due to some kind of virus that he caught a few days back and gave his tongue some blisters. I am sure it is painful. He has not been eating good lately and keeps drooling. Good thing he is still breastfeedi9ng or he would have lost a lot of weight! But anyway, it was sure nice too see him enjoyed his self outside!

She Needs To Try The HCG Diet

My mother-in-law has been complaining about gaining too much weight. She quit smoking cold turkey last year which we are very proud of her for making it finally after trying and failed many times. But that addiction has been replaced with eating and now she is gaining so much weight. 

She's not able to do any physical activities because she has scoliosis which gets really painful if she moves too much. So I will probably have to suggest to her to try the hcg diet. But she'll have to ask her physician first if it will be safe for her to try it!

Squid And Dried Fish For Lunch

The squid and dried fish pictured above are what I had for lunch today and of course paired with rice (not pictured). The other day, one of my friends on facebook posted a squid that she had grilled for her supper and I was just drooling looking at it. I saw a frozen squid at the asian store a week ago and wanted to buy some but thought that it would be expensive so I just did not bother to get it. But after I saw the grilled squid my friend made, I really regretted why I didn't buy the squid.

So yesterday, me and my mother-in-law were running errands and we were by the asian store. I stopped specifically to get the squid and I was right about the price being expensive. It cost $3.99 a pound and I got two which cost me over $11. Yes it's way expensive but I was just craving it so I bought it anyway. It has been a while since I had some squid.

Although I wasn't really thrilled the way mine turned out after I cooked it in the oven instead on the grill. We ran out of gas grill so didn't really have a choice but to cook it in the oven. It was good enough to satisfy my craving. I have a whole one left, I am fixing it in a different way, the way my mama used to fixed hers when I was young. Hopefully it won't be a disappointment!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Play Quiivia To Earn Extra Money!

Do you like to earn a little extra money? I do! If you do too, you may want to check out this new site that I just discovered.  You can Earn money by solving quizzes and trivia at I think this is pretty amazing that you get a lot of fun from answering quizzes and at same time earn some money. I am all for it and if you are too, head on to the site and start earning money!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So Excited For February

Valentines day is not the reason why I am excited for next month. The reason why I am anxious for February to come is because two of my favorite shows will be airing back again, first AMC's "The Walking Dead" which will be premiered on February 10 and second the new season of Survivor is coming! I can't hardly wait for sure! I have been waiting for The Walking Dead for so long and it will be here pretty soon!

 These are just two of my favorite shows that I look forward on watching! American Idol is one of it two, but I am not that crazy of it like I am on those two! By summer, the new season of Big Brother will be airing too. That's me and my husband's all time favorite reality show! Wewww so many tv shows to look forward to in this coming months!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bargains From Victoria's Secret

A couple of weeks ago, I received a $10 reward card from Victoria's Secret. I did not think that I would use it until tonight. I just happened to be checking their site and they are still having their semi-annual sale plus their last night of the free shipping with a purchase of $25 or more. So I thought if I can combine the semi-annual sale plus free shipping plus my $10 reward card, maybe I will be able to get a great bargain.

So I decided to add some stuff in my cart just to check it out. By the time I went to the check out and entered the promotional codes, my total is less than $20. I thought it was pretty reasonable enough so I went ahead and bought it. Below are the stuff that I just bought a few minutes ago...
Beauty Rush Lipgloss: Orignal price $7 each, Semi-Annual sale price $2.99 each

VS Make-up Party-Perfect Eye kit: Original price $15, Semi-annual sale price $8.99. I bought two, total of $17.98

Limited Edition Body Mist with Shea Essence: Original price $14, Semi-Annual sale price $4.99
The summary of what I've bought at VS is listed above. If I have bought those items in its original prices, it would have cost me $51 before shipping and tax. It will be around $60 if shipping and tax is included. But since I bought those items on sale, the total was $25.96 not including shipping and tax. Shipping was gonna be $6.99 plus an additional $1.75 for tax but since they had the free shipping with the purchase of $25 or more, I ended up paying a little over $17 for all of it including tax! Personally, I think that's a good deal considering how expensive Victoria's Secret is!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Crossing My Fingers...

..that the 3 blog posts that I have written since last week will be approved! I would be very upset if for some reason they'll ask to cancel the postings even when it's already approved. It happened before, not once but twice. And what is frustrating about it is, it's not easy to come up with what to write. It is just not fair that after we (bloggers) work so hard to think of what to write that they can just simple ask to delete the post. I hope this is not the case this time!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I Finally...

..received some tasks or opps yesterday from 3 different blogging sites that I am a member to. I couldn't be any happier! Although it's not much but I am still very thankful that at least I will have some money for the month of March. I thought for sure that I have been forgotten! LOL! 

Well anyway guys, I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday. As for me, it was okay, at least the snow was all melted outside and happy to see the sun was shining brightly but was still a bit cold. Hope the rest of your night will be wonderful!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's For Dinner?

So this is what we had for dinner tonight. Baked whole chicken with potatoes, carrots, onions and mushroom. I put it in the oven for about 5 hours for 200 degrees and when it came out it was cooked to perfection in my opinion. It was so juicy and tender that when I transferred it to a serving plate, it started to fall apart. My mother-in-law came over for dinner and her feedback? The best chicken I have ever cooked! I was truly flattered! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedding Flutes

There is a lot of work involve in celebrating a wedding ceremony. One of the things that needs to be done includes choosing the perfect accessories like wedding flutes. How would the couple-to-be know which ones to pick since there are so many styles to choose from? I always thought that what gets chosen depends on the personality of the couple-to-be. Of course the couple-to-be would want to pick something that would reflect on their personality. But either way whichever it is they've chosen to pick, it will look so romantic once they entwined their arms to drink their wines!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh Where Oh Where?

This really sucks big time! For two weeks now I haven't received any tasks or opportunities. I just hate when this happens. I guess there's not much tasks available for quiet a while not only me but also to some bloggers. It really upsets me when I don't get any for this long because as what I said before, I depend on my blogging to bring me some extra cash a month. And I use it to pay for some of my bills. I will have some money next month but after I won't have if I don't get any tasks anytime soon! :(

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bizarre Food

A lot of people here in America would find these chicken feet or claws disgusting and bizarre. That's well and fine and understandable since they weren't exposed to this kind of food like some Filipinos are. In the Philippines, you can pretty much see these chicken claws being sold as one of the street foods that are fairly cheap and easy to grab for those who are on the go.

This is actually one of my favorite chicken bbqs when I was still in the Philippines. I am just so glad that I am able to find these chicken claws in some stores here. I don't care what other people think of me by eating it. It is part of who I am and I grew up eating it!


Monday, January 7, 2013

I Don't Need The HCG Diet After All

 Every morning for the past few days, I have been exercising and eating less compared to how much I was eating before. So I am not gonna need the hcg diet after all. I wanted to try it because I thought the little exercise that I was doing wasn't working but I am happy to say that I am finally losing a little weight. No need to go on a diet or avoid to eat the foods that I love. The key of losing weight is to exercise regularly and eat smaller portion during mealtimes. That's exactly what I have been doing and it is working!

Attended My First Gun Show Yesterday

Yesterday was my first time to ever attended a gun show. It is out of my interest but my husband wanted to go and look at what they have. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it completely, it wasn't boring either. One thing for sure, it was really crowded! It was kinda interesting the different guns that were in there and at the same time scary! Just the thought of some bad guys gets a hold of those weapons gave me goosebumps! 

Anyhow, unfortunately my husband didn't see the one that he was looking for or at least in the price range that he can very well afford. Everything was expensive there, I tell you. Even a little tiny cookbook was about $20 each. But at least now I know what gun shows looks like!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crafty Wedding Favors

I have always been so interested in crafting, arts and scrapbooking and all that stuff since I was just young. But didn't really get to do much of it because of the fact that we were so poor that we couldn't afford to buy materials and tools for crafting. But now that I have my own family and living in a place where you cannot have enough of everything, I am able to buy all the crafting supplies and tools that my heart desires. Of course I use it for something, I am not just buying it just to spend money. It may take me a while to use it but it won't be wasted for sure!

Anyhow, I would really like to put my skills to use one day like make crafty wedding favors for someone. I just one to try it out if someone will like what I made because I really would like to open my own crafting business one day!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hand-Signatured Wedding Invitations

I told my family the other night that I wanted to see the wedding invitation that my cousin sent them. It was just a simple one but yet looks really pretty. I love the fact that they signed their wedding invitations by hand, it kinda gave it their own personal touches, which is really nice in my opinion!

Most of the wedding invitations that I have seen usually the names of the couple-to-be are printed. I like the idea that my cousin and his fiancee signed it their own hands. The guests should feel extra special! I know I would be if I receive one!

Freezing Cold This Morning!

I hate waking up so early especially when the temperature outside is almost below 20! Yup that's how cold it was this morning. It is still cold out there even though the temperature is a lot warmer now, almost in the 50's. The sun is shining really bright but not much of a help.

Me and my mother-in-law were supposed to go to the dump today but I haven't heard anything from her. That usually means that she don't feel like going due to the cold weather. Well, I don't blame her a bit, for I don't feel like to be exposed again of the chill outside. Hopefully tomorrow it won't be as cold as today and maybe we can go then!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

HCG Diet Might Be The Only Option I Have

I haven't really started the hcg diet yet. I am still looking into it and I am waiting to see if I am able to lose weight without any help from something. I started exercising and trying to eat less but it seems like it is not working out so far. I am still eating the same way, I couldn't stop myself especially if I am fixing my native foods and as far as the exercise goes, I've missed two days already! I guess the only option I have right now is to really try the diet mentioned above. But I am still gonna try hard and try to have a strong will!

Customized Wedding Favors

I got to talk to my cousin last night for a decent amount of time. We talked about his upcoming wedding and how is it going, is he excited and things like that. Of course he is very excited and can't wait for it. There are still a lot of work to do but they have ample amount of time to finish everything before the big day comes. One of the things that I mentioned to him or should I say suggested to him is to have a customized wedding favors. He kinda liked the idea but he has to ask his fiancee what she thinks about it. And they also have to consider how long would it take to get finish if they'll have a customized one because it does takes time to do it!

Great Bargains

I just love that I got a great bargains at walmart earlier on some Christmas decors and ornaments. I paid less than $25 dollars for all the stuff that you see in the pictures above. The ornaments alone in the second pic would have cost $39.98 if it wasn't on clearance. I am just so thrilled that I finally got one of those! I just couldn't afford to buy the original price and good thing that I waited a little longer because I got it for 75% off today! 

I was gonna buy it last week when they were offering it for 50% off and I thought it was still a bit expensive and good thing I had a little patient for it paid off! I can't wait to put those ornaments on my Christmas tree next Christmas. I just hope by that time I'll find a space for our 7ft Christmas tree, I really miss it.

Anyhow, if you want to stock up on Christmas stuff for next Christmas, head on to walmart, that is if there is still some left! ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Break Is Over

Well my almost two weeks of break has finally come to an end. My first grader is going back to school tomorrow. I want to wish that he could just go back to school on Monday but the truth is, I am looking forward for him to go back to school tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I love my son to death. It's not that I don't want him here but the Christmas break that he had about to drove me crazy. It's not just because of him, the little one has been so ornery lately plus we have a full house because my stepdaughter is here spending the Christmas break with us and will be back to Florida this coming Sunday.

So tomorrow when my son go back to school, it will be less people in the house. And that means less noise. My older son sometimes tends to just want to talk and talk and talk and no matter how many times we tell him to be quiet, it's like he is not hearing us at all. I don't think because he don't want to mind, I think it's because he don't have control over it. We told him time and time again that he need to stop talking too much, that's what he was getting in trouble for before at school. But I am glad that he's not talking too much at school anymore I guess he's doing most of it at the house. Well it's better than doing at school and getting in trouble. Anyhow, I'll be waking up at 6 in the morning again tomorrow, hopefully my youngest son will let me have a good night rest tonight!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trying To Help With His Wedding Favors

So I mentioned on my previous post about my cousin getting married finally! While I won't be able to attend his wedding since I am thousand of miles away, I was thinking of maybe I can at least help him pay for some wedding accessories that he has to have on his special day. I am looking at some wedding favors online and trying to get an idea that I can show him that he might like.

It won't be much of a help but it's the least that I can do. I am sure it won't cost much there compare to buying it here. Just got to find one that is fairly affordable because I really don't have that extra cash to spare...

HCG Diet One Of My New Year's Resolutions

I only have three New Year's resolutions that I want to accomplish this year. One of it is to go on a diet and start losing weight. Right now I currently weigh 113 lbs and wants to go back down to where I was at before I got pregnant with my second child which was 103 lbs. 

Anyway, I started my diet this morning by not eating much and I exercised too. I am trying to familiarize myself to hcg diet for I might have to try it out to help me lose some weight. I haven't really look into it. I just read a few reviews about it on the internet. I'm hoping I could lose these extra pounds before summer comes!

Our Little New Year Celebration

Pictures above are what I prepared for the New Year. It's not much really but was good enough for a family of four. Last night actually was the first time I celebrated the New Year at midnight on New Year's Eve. I have never tried doing it before. I guess my friends on facebook inspired me to do it Filipino-style because that's what we do in the Philippines.

It was nice that my friend came and celebrated her New Year with us. Her husband had to come to work and I invited her to come over so she won't be alone. I had a good time eating at midnight just like we do in the Philippines. I sure miss that. Seemed like everybody enjoyed the foods even if it was not much. 

Anyway, we started our New Year great, hopefully the rest of the year will be great as well and there won't be no drama! LOL!