Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

His Artistic Side!

My oldest son has always been so fond of painting since when he was just a little over a year old. I guess I can say that he got that from me since I love to draw and paint too. But it has been years and years since the last time I did one and I really do miss doing it! 

Anyway, I am pretty sure that if not all, most kids love to paint because it is a lot of fun to play with colors plus it's messy! LOL! I usually don't let my son paint anymore because I do not want to have to deal with the mess afterwards. Every time he ask me, I would make some kind of excuse to get him to stop bugging me about it. I know I sound cruel but I just couldn't deal with the mess! LOL!

Anyhow, last week my mother-in-law bought my son this kit to paint little pumpkins, it has 3 little pumpkins, one paintbrush and acrylic paints. My got son so excited when he came home the other and wanted to paint right away. I told him that if he does good in school and get purple (excellent) that he'll get to paint the next day since they didn't have school them, so he agreed finally after pitching a little fit. The next day he came home with purple and wether I liked it or not, I had to let him paint after he came back from his nana's house the next day because I promised him that I would let him if he gets purple.

And I am actually very glad that I let him paint because first, he didn't make any mess at all! Not a single drop of paint can be seen on the table or on the floor but of course I had to put newspaper on the table. Aside from not making any mess, my son had a wonderful time painting, he enjoyed every minute of it and I did too. I was snapping a bunch of pictures of him while he was painting which are some attached below...

I think he did an excellent job painting those pumpkins!!!

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