Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Monday, April 30, 2012

My New Toys!

 Yeeeyyyyy my new toys came earlier today. If it wasn't for these stuff my day would have been completely ruined 'cause me and hubby had another heated conversation earlier. I was really, really frustrated earlier! These crafts supplies just got here on time, enough to lighten up my mood! I sound so shallow don't I? LOL! It's okay, little things like these are just enough to make me happy! Anyway, I got to try out some of the stamps and I loved it! I can't wait to use them on something...a birthday or Mother's Day card perhaps? We'll see...

The Best For My Kids

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As parents we only want whats best for our kids. Some of those things are really hard to do especially when there are so many bad influences that they see everyday. But there are things that can be easily done too, it's just a matter of doing it. One example is feeding them nutritious foods. We all know that one of the top problems that our children are facing today is obesity. As a parent myself, I don't want my two kids to have that problem. So me and my husband are trying our best to feed our kids healthy foods as possible. We grow our own vegetable garden every year. This is to ensure where our vegetable is coming from and what's in it! I read about AdvertisementWhitney Farm's organic products.
109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)
We may have to use an organic soil this year to ensure that our veggies that we will be harvesting from garden are purely organic! Whitney Farm's organic plant food has no additives, nothing artificial, just ingredients from the Earth. This plant food contains beneficial microbes and specially designed protein-based blends that can provide your plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive. Just what we need in our garden! It would be nice if our garden will grow as big and as heathy-looking like in the picture below! I will definitely try this product out! You can get a $3 coupon by checking Whitney Farms®. That's where I'm heading right now to get mine too!
photo courtesy of Scoobymoo

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Little Model...

Picture above is the most recent picture of my youngest son. It was taken just this afternoon. He is now 5 months and 2 weeks old. I love taking pictures of my two kids but if you notice I take more pictures of my youngest. It's not because I love him more than my oldest one, it's simply because the small one is home all the time while the big one goes to school, plus the big one is in the stage where he doesn't want to be bothered anymore and just want to do his own thing! So there's the simple explanation for that!

Anyway, my little model looking so adorable. The spongebob hat actually belongs to my oldest son. He doesn't use it much anymore so I guess little bro will get it as as soon as it will fit on his head! Little bro gets everything that big bro don't want or use anymore. That's how it always works! I am glad I got two boys!


Friday, April 27, 2012

More Craft Supplies Coming...

 There are three things that I am really addicted to and they are handbags, shoes and crafts! I do a lot of crafting at home, it's one of the things that keeps my sanity from going out control! lol! But since I got pregnant a year ago, I haven't done a lot of it, it's simply because I am too busy with my youngest son plus the chores around the house that nobody else would do except me.

Anyhow, the other day I saw this ad on facebook about this craft supplies on clearance. I clicked it and liked their page on facebook and then went to check their site. I was in awe of how really cheap their products are. I just kept adding items in my cart. I was enjoying every seconds of it! I did not really intend to buy anything but when I saw their prices on their clearance items I did not want to get off unless I bought some of it. So I spent over $40 on craft supplies yesterday. I did not regret doing it at all, in fact I am super excited for those items to come to try it out. 

Most of the stuff that I got are rubber stampers. I love playing with them and stamping it on papers! Some of the stuff that I got are pictured below! Anyway, they were offering free shipping of orders over $20 dollars so I took advantage of it. There were 23 items in my cart and paid over 40 bucks for it. If I bought those items somewhere else like Michaels, it would have easily cost me almost a hundred bucks maybe over. So I am so thrilled that I found this site on FB. I will definitely buy from them again!

7 Years Ago...

Today is a very memorable day for me. Seven years ago, I set foot on this land and the same day hubby and I made our vows that we will be together in sickness and in health, for better or for worst, till death do us part! It doesn't seem like to me that we've been married for that long. Although our journey together as married couple had not been perfect, we managed to overcome all those obstacles that life had thrown to us! And in those 7 years, GOD has been so good to us despite of all the mistakes that we did! HE blessed us with two beautiful sons which I will be forever thankful about! 

Anyway, I doubt if hubby will be reading this but just in case...Thank you very much for all your patience, encouragements, love and understandings. I know I haven't been the perfect wife but I want you to know that I love you and I am so grateful for everything that you did for me and for my family. I am so happy that we made it this long in spite of everything! I am looking forward for more years with you. Happy 7th year anniversary, I love you!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Benefits Of Having Credit Card Processor...

We all know that nowadays no one hardly ever carry cash anymore. Almost everybody if not all use credit cards to purchase every little thing. For business owners, one of the benefits of having credit processors is an increase of customers. It's because most people don't like to have to wait for long to pay. 

Business owners that don't have credit card processors yet shouldn't think twice to get one for their business. The percentage to having a successful business is much higher to those who have a credit processors for their business than to the ones that don't have it. So you do the math!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy-Made Bracelet...

Today, I am showing how to make this bracelet pictured above. This is so easy to make, you only need 3 things...Beads (I used swarovski crystal beads), Pliers and Memory Wire (See picture below).

The memory wire that I used is actually for ring but it will still work for a bracelet. All you have to do is stretch it until it will fit your wrist. Anyway, first thing to do is bend the end of the wire using the pliers to lock it, then thread in the beads until to your desired length, then bend the other end of the wire to lock and then your finish! There's your handmade bracelet! That was easy wasn't it? Picture below is what mine looks like...
This will go with any outfit since it is a multi-colored bracelet!

Monday, April 23, 2012

So Quiet Lately!

The blogging world seems to be very quietly lately for me. I haven't received any opps or tasks that much lately, I think for about 2 months now. Just when I need it most! Really! All I can do is let out a big, big sighhhhh! But I'm still waiting and hoping that maybe one of these days I'll get some enough to pay for my bills! LOL! (Sighhh) What a life!!! LOL! Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 20, 2012

FoodTripFriday #7: My First Time Making Puto Maya!

Yesterday was my first time making "puto maya" and the picture above is the result. It's not a complete success but not a complete failure either, it's just in the middle. There's something missing in it's taste, I think it's needs a little more salt or sugar. But you can definitely tell when you eat it that it's a puto maya. No worries for me even though it didn't turn out the way I want it since I am the only one that will eat it. The next time I'll make one, I would know how to adjust the measurements...


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pending Projects!

I have so many pending projects that I want to finish before this year ends. I know we are only in the middle of this year but as busy as I am I don't even know if I'll be able to do it! I've been planning to do a little home improvement but it is still just a plan. I want to mainly do it in our bedroom and living room. Me and hubby talked about getting a bigger bed because the bed that we have now it just too small for us especially when our youngest son sleeps with us most of the time. It will be nice to have a king size bed so I can put an oversized king bedspreads comforter for more comfort or a queen size would probably work better since we have a limited space in there. I could probably ask one of my friend at church to make me a queen quilt mauve lavender patchwork she is so good at making quilt! If I can finish this project in my bedroom then I can do our living room next!

I have been wanting to buy a plug in fireplace for our living room just for looks and to hang our stockings on Christmas like I see on some other households! I really like houses that has fireplaces! I wish we had enough space in our living room to put one. I'll probably have to get rid off some stuff before I can even put one. I really hope I can do any of these planned projects before this year is over!

Making Puto Maya For The First Time...

This is my first time making "puto maya", I really hope it will turn out fine! Puto Maya is some kind of snack food that we have in the Philippines. It's made out of sticky or glutinous rice cooked in thickened coconut milk with a little ginger, sugar and a little salt. Some people over there eat it for breakfast and some eat it as a snack. Every Sunday when me and my family goes to church in the morning, after the mass we always stop where the puto maya is being sold to get some for breakfast. Oh how I miss those days! This is really good eaten with sikwate (some kind of hot cocoa)! The last time I had some was 2009 when we went there for a vacation. I really hope this one that I'm making right now turns out fine! Crossing my fingers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Miss Going to School...

It is so funny how life work sometimes. The things that we have right now, we take for granted sometimes but when it's gone that's when we realize how important that thing to us and we want it back sometimes. Unfortunately, some of those things couldn't be brought back and sometimes we wish that we could turn back the time so we can undo what we did and do it the other way or give it importance! 

Kinda like when I was still in college, how much I took it for granted that I did not give it importance. We all know how important it is for somebody to have an education or to finish college. Unfortunately for me, I did not take it seriously! But the good thing is, it is not too late for me to go back to school and maybe do it online since I have two kids to take care of and finish an online degree programs. It could help me and my family tremendously once I finish it and I'll be able to find a stable job that could help us financially!

Need Some Motivation...

I decided to make this blog a year ago so I can show off the things that I love doing such as scrapbooking, crafting, painting, gardening, card and jewelry-making and more, but I haven't done any of those in a while except for gardening. I just don't have the motivation to do any of those since I got pregnant last year for the second time. I have a pending scrapbook that I need to finish for our Women's Guild in our church. I am way behind and we are gonna have more fund-raising activities this year. If I don't start working on it again I won't be able to keep up. I need some kind of motivation but I just couldn't find any and I'm just too occupied with photography right now, plus busy with the baby and some other things around the house....

Monday, April 16, 2012


Posted by Jonathon Murphy

I thought about getting TV By Direct for the house but I know my wife would just sit around all day watching old Oprah episodes and Dr. Phil. Ever since she quit work to stay home with our kids she’s gotten noticeably more lazy and I really hate saying that because she’s my wife and I want more than anything to be totally supportive of her. I think she’s just gotten kind of depressed, to be honest, because she’s always at home with no other people around and she’s not really using her mind like she did for the longest time. I think it’s crazy so many people don’t take any time off when they have babies but for some reason this is too much time for my wife, I think. She’s a wonderful woman and I love her to death but I think I’m going to encourage her to get a job and get back to the land of the living, especially since my mom will watch the girls during the day.

Mellow Yellow Monday #7: Yellow Iris!

Like I said before on my previous post I really get surprised of what comes out in my garden. Just the other day, I saw this yellow Iris blooming in our backyard...I did not even know that I planted some yellow ones. This is the first time it ever bloomed! I just love how it looks, I am almost got tempted to cut it and put it in a vase! But I don't really wanna do it on the very first blooms, maybe I will when there will be a bunch of them! I am thinking of digging some of it and putting it in my flowers beds in the front yard so it will be all over our yard. It is just so gorgeous in my opinion!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gardening is Fun!

One of the things that I really enjoy and love doing is gardening. Not only it is fun to do but also very productive since it gives us flowers that beautifies our yard and fresh produce for us to consume. Hubby is the one in charge of the vegetable gardens, he starts it from seeds every year. I am the one who plants the flowering plants. I just love flowers of any kinds!

Anyhow, earlier I planted the remaining plants that I bought a Walmart last week. I am just glad that the first ones that I planted two weeks ago survived the below freezing temperature we had two nights in a row! Anyway, pictures below are some of annual plants that I bought that I planted in my two window planters, two hanging baskets (only took pictures of one since they're completely identical) and pots...

I know they don't look too pretty right now but give them a week or two and they'll get really big and more blooms on them hopefully!

I also replanted in bigger cups the vegetable plants that my hubby started from seeds, they're getting really big, they'll be ready to be planted outside once the weather permanently warms up...
we got some Brandy Wine and Roma Tomatoes, Filipino Eggplants, Ampalaya or Bitter Melon, Water Spinach or Kang Kong, Cucumbers and Hot Peppers...

Friday, April 13, 2012

FoodTripFriday #6: My Biko For Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter last Sunday! As for me and my family, it went really great! We started out our day by attending the Easter Sunday mass and then the kids had a little egg hunting afterward. My oldest son had a blast, he got an Easter basket from the Easter bunny full of some good stuff! He loved everything in it!

Anyhow, for Easter I made some Biko. I would have preferred making "Binignit" but I did not have all the ingredients to make it. Anyway, it was my second time making biko, the first time was a big failure and I thought the second one is gonna be another failure but I was wrong. After I had mixed up the caramelized coconut milk and sugar with the sticky or glutinous rice, it was still a little wet. 

When I got it off the stove and let it cooled down it turned out to be just fine! I was really glad that I made it right this time. I shared it with my filipina friend who live nearby to us and she liked it a lot and even my mother-in-law who is a very picky eater when it comes to food that she is not familiar with, she really liked it too! I was gonna make another batch but forgot to buy coconut milk yesterday and I want to make "puto maya" next time too!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another dose...

of freezing cold weather tonight in our area! My plants seemed to survived last night's freezing temperature but I don't know if they'll be able to do it again tonight. That's two strikes in a row! I didn't even bother to cover them...I am just hoping for the best that they'll be able to endure another night of misery! My poor plants....!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bad Timing for Planting...

Lately we've been having some really cold nights. I have a couple of tropical vegetable plant that I had sprouted a month ago that died on me when I forgot to bring it inside the house. Tonight we're gonna have another freezing temperature. I planted some annual plants the other day that I bought at walmart, I just hope they won't die on me. It was really bad time to be planting outside when the weather is not permanently hot yet. I bought some more plants at walmart yesterday but I haven't planted them outside yet, they're inside the house right now. I want to wait until the weather at night won't be freezing anymore coz I surely don't want to waste my money on these plants!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #6: Belated Happy Easter!

I know it's a little too late to send my greetings to everybody but I wanna go ahead and do it anyway, "Happy Easter to all!". I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebrations yesterday. As for me and family it was wonderful! We started our day by attending the Easter Sunday mass and then afterward there was a little egg hunting for the kids. My son had a wonderful time! It was a wonderful addition to his Easter basket that the Easter Bunny supposedly left for him that morning. He just loved it! He was really appreciative to the Easter Bunny for being so generous this year. He loved everything that he got especially the Super Mario stuffed toy...


Thursday, April 5, 2012

FoodTripFriday #5: Simple Dinner...

Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my hubby and 5-year old son's favorite foods for dinner. I cook it at least once a week. Not only my family loves it but it is also very convenient for me because it is very easy to fix. I don't make the meatballs from scratch, I buy it at the grocery store frozen. Although I'm not really crazy about frozen food but I have to admit that sometimes it is convenient for me to have them on hand. Sometimes my schedule is just so hectic with a 5-month old baby who demands my attention constantly and other household chores that I have to do around the house that I do not have time to fool around making food from scratch. Good thing my family is not really picky. I mean my 5-year old gets picky sometimes but he does loves spaghetti and meatballs, he gets really happy every time I fix it for dinner! Anyhow, picture above is what we had for dinner tonight with a tossed salad. Simple dinner for a simple family like us!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Homemade Baby Foods...

I made some baby foods tonight for my youngest son. I just want to make sure that what I feed him is completely safe and that I know what's in it for sure and where it came from. My mother-in-law bought him some jarred baby foods at the store last week to try for the first time. I saved the jars coz I have been planning on making baby foods for him. Above are what I made tonight. 

The two white ones in those jars are pear, the orange ones are baby carrots, the container with a red lid is banana and bottom container is sweet potato. After I've cooked them, I let him taste each one to see if he'll like it and he seemed to be interested which I am so glad about! I can't wait to feed him his first homemade baby foods!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #5: My Son's School Bus

Seeing my son's school bus every afternoon during weekdays makes me really happy for I get to see him again. He's gone to school starting at 7 in the morning (bus' pick up time) till 3 pm. That's almost all day, I get to missing him all the time. And of course I always worry about him. So seeing his bus and him getting off of it always makes me let out a big sigh of relief for I know he is safe and sound!