Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Gardening, Photography & Home-Cooking are just a few of what I love doing!

Monday, February 28, 2011

"The Garden Island"

That three word phrase sounds really wonderful isn't it? The Garden Island or Kauai in short is located none other than the lovely State of Hawaii! It must be really nice to live in a tropical paradise like Kauai. It is the oldest and also the fourth largest of the main Islands of the Hawaiian archipelago with an area of 554 square miles. This Island has the greatest number of beaches per mile of coastline of all the Hawaiian islands. Hmmm, sounds dreamy! Aside from it's lovely beaches and vibrant and tropical plants, it also offers best in snorkeling, scuba-diving, surfing, golfing, mountain biking and so much more, how is that sound for a real lifetime adventure? Sounds like a winner to me, if only I got the money to go!

Speaking of tropical paradise, you can also find that in Florida, we all know that it's one of the most popular tourist destination in winter time! That's one of my top ten places that I would love to see in the future, another one in my list is Chesapeake Virginia, my cousin on my mom's side is living there with her son and husband. I haven't seen her in quite a while, probably the last time was when I visited my mom's province in Masbate in 2003, so that's about 8 years ago! Gosh, that's a long time, we definitely need to see each other again to catch up for lost time!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Challenge Entry..

I ran onto this blogging site Simon Says Stamp Challenge that's offering a card-making challenge every week and I thought it would be fun to try it out. I'm not expecting to win at all because if you look at all the entries that people entered on there you will be amazed! I know I am! It's unbelievable how each and every one can think and make such a wonderful creations, they are all a work of arts! When I was looking earlier I was just in awe! Anyway, this will be my first entry and something different for me to try out. The picture above is the one that I made for the entry, I don't have any specific reason why it's the one I decided to make but it just came to me. As you can see it's just a very simple design, a little embossing here and there, a little embellishments and that's about it, so simple. So I hope you all enjoy this!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planning for the coming Spring!

I already have so much plans for this coming spring. I just started some seeds inside the house, about 10 different kinds of flowering plants, they are all perennials. I prefer planting perennials than the annual or biannual plants, for the fact that they always comes back every year, that way I don't have to buy more plants! The other day I bought a big, big pot at Lowe's that I am planning on putting right beside our front steps, the seeds that I started earlier are the ones that will go in the pot. I already got it calculated in my head how they're suppose to look like, hopefully it will work. I just love plants, and sometimes I just go overboard buying them without thinking and I kept forgetting that we only have a limited space in our yard. Now, I'm having hard time finding a place to put my two new roses that I bought the other day, plus, I got some more plants coming from Burgess that my hubby ordered for me as a Valentines gifts! Oh geezzzz!!! Oh well, I guess they'll have to be squeezed in with the others! LOL! Still, I'm looking forward for all of them and I can't really wait for the spring to sprung!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 days later...

It is so amazing to me how plants can grow that fast! My son's Sunflowers have grown ½ to 1 inch in 3 days. He's pretty amazed too, and getting really excited every time he looks at his plants, he thinks he's doing really good planting those Sunflowers, which I think he is, he might be just like his mama,  got some green thumb! LOL! It wouldn't be long until we have to transplant them outside, I'm doubting though if it's safe, the temperature seems to be dropping lately, I mean, it's still a tolerable weather for me, not as cold as before, but not as warm as these past week either where it was in the 70's! But, we'll see, I'll have to watch the weather forecast. Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful day and great week ahead!

Birthday Card...

I made this card just to try out my new Sizzix embossing machine! Although it looks really simple, I love how the card turned out! This birthday card is not meant for anybody, but I will give it to someone, who's birthday is coming up, that way I don't have to buy one, it's not that I don't want to spend my money on a card to give to somebody, but sometimes or shall I say, people that are around me prefers the handmade gifts than the once that you can buy at store...

Front side..


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New toy for me...

My long awaited embossing machine finally arrived today, as soon as I got it out of the box, I immediately tried it out and oh, how I love it! It is so easy to use, no hassle USB hooking to the computer, no wires to plug-in, all you have to do is to align the embossing folder and paper and run it through the machine and voila! It's that simple, it beats the heck out of my cricut machine! LOL! Oh, I still love my cricut machine, but I don't use it that much because it's just a pain in my rear end to get it out of my closet and then put it back right after I'm done with it, if only, we have a bigger place for me to set up my own craft room, then I can use all of my big toys, they're all jam in my closet, the space there is getting smaller and smaller everyday! Anyway, I really love this Sizzix embossing machine, aside from being compact, it's also child-friendly, I don't have to worry about my son messing with it, and his fingers gets cut off with something sharp, he actually helped me tried it out earlier, it's very easy to use, you just have to crank it with your hand. Gosh, I should have bought this long time ago instead of buying the stupid hand punch embossers. I think I just wasted my money on them! Anyhow, this machine is a beginner kit that comes with all that's pictured above.

Plans for today...

I really don't have that much plans for today except to help my hubby put up the security cameras around our property. Since the day our two dogs has been killed, my hubby has been so determined on putting up security cameras he bought right after the incident. I couldn't blame him a bit, I am scared for our safety here too, he said, if somebody could kill innocent dogs for no apparent reason, they would hurt our family too without hesitation and I agree with that, at first, I was a little hesitant about all of these, I told him that his going way too overboard about this, but not anymore, I can completely understand his point now that he's just trying to protect our family. Anyway, this is all for now, we're going outside now, I'll be back again later!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Had a wonderful day with hubby!

I had a blast with my hubby earlier today, we finally went and watched the movie "Just go with it", it was a plan we discussed a week ago for a Valentines date but something came up that we had to reschedule it, although it's a week late,  I still had a great time and I enjoyed it very much, words can't even describe it. The movie was really good, I laughed the whole time, my hubby keeps hushing me because I kept getting louder and louder, I couldn't help myself, it was hilarious! It's definitely a must watch movie! I'd watch again if I get another chance. I just love Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, they're two of my favorite actors! Anyway, speaking of movies, there's another one that I would  love to watch this coming March 11, 2011, titled "Battle", it seems like a very good movie, it looks kinda scary but I'm marking it on the calendar with the other one that my hubby is looking forward to watch this coming April titled "The Adjustment Bureau". Anyhow, today was really great, I love how it was just me and hubby, I'm not saying that I did not want my son and in-law with us, but, it's so seldom that me and hubby spends time just the two of us, and thanks to my mother-in-law for making it possible today by offering to watch David while me and hubby enjoyed each other!

More plants for him!

Right after I posted that entry about my son's Sunflowers sprouting, my husband and I with our son went to Lowe's to get something real quick, while we were there, I got to looking at their plants and decided to look for some more for my son David, so he'll have more in his garden this year, we asked him which one he'd like to have, at first, he did not wanna pick one, he quoted "I already got some at home" and we told him that he can have some more, there were a bunch of  growing kit there made specially for kids, you'll know that they are for kids because the designs of the cups were Veggie Tales and my son is familiar with Veggie Tales, there were gourds, pumpkins, herbs, watermelon and so much more, he was looking at all of them, and he decided to picked out the watermelon and he was really getting excited about it. When we got home, after we had lunch, we immediately planted the watermelon seeds, there were only two seeds in the kit, I'm hoping it will do good like the Sunflowers, my son was really happy and excited that he's got more plants now, you can really tell when they're having a good time, it just shows on their face and it is just PRICELESS!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My baby's plants...

One of the gifts that I gave to my baby boy on Valentines day was a Sunflower growing kit, about 4 days ago, me and him planted about 6 seeds, yesterday, I noticed that it's sprouting, I showed it to him and he was just so thrilled that his Sunflowers are growing, the pictures below are the ones that I snapped just today, when they get about 3 inches tall, I'll have to replant them outside in a sunny location where they can grow really big.

As you can see on the pictures, they are really doing good. Every year, I make my son his own garden, so he can have something to occupy him while I'm outside busy with mine too. I usually put his plants on his broken wagon where it is easy for him to identify that it's his.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can't get over it....

Earlier today, me and my whole family, including my in-law went to Wally World. I really did not feel like going  but I went anyway because I was wanting to look at some craft materials at Walmart. When we got there, first place my feet took me was in the craft section, I found some of the stuff I was looking for, but not all of them, anyway, it is just crazy how expensive everything is now! Most of the craft supplies that I got were mostly on sale, and my hubby spent almost 60 dollars there, I just couldn't believe it, I was figuring out the cost based on the items, they were just mostly stickers, felt papers, iron-on gems, and a little bit of grocery like 2 gallons of milk and some juices, and I thought it would have just cost us a little over 30 bucks but I was really surprise when it was double my estimation! It may not sound much but for us it is, especially if we are just relying on a fixed income, every penny counts! I would have been better off if I stayed home and just ordered it online, I probably got my money's worth! Oh well, what is done, has been done, there is nothing I can do about it now. At least I had a good time with my family, I guess that was just the only good thing I got out of it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

removable compartment...

I decided to make a removable compartment for my organizer that I made before, because there is still a lot of space that I could use inside, the pictures below is the removable compartment that I made earlier, it's perfect for all my loose supplies like the ones that are pictured below.

Like my organizer, this one is made out of cardboard box too, and covered with leftover cut-off designed papers.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ahead of time...

When there's an occasion coming up I like to make the card ahead of time, me and my hubby's 6th year anniversary is coming up in less than 2 months, so I went ahead and made the card earlier while he was away, I made my mother-in-law a Mother's day card too, since Mother's day is about a little over 2 months from now..that way I'll have plenty of time if I ever change my mind and try to change the designs a little bit. The pictures below are the ones that I made earlier, I did not even use my cricut machine on it, it's just too much work to get it out of my closet, get it out of the box and then put it back again, so I just used some punchers and rubber stamps and pens to make these two.

As you can see, they're just simple designs but heartily made, and that's what it's all about!

I love Survivor!

I did not get to watch the "Survivor: Redemption Island" live last night for there was a conflict of time between that and American Idol, we already set the American Idol to turn automatically, so we had to set the Survivor to record every episode and watch it later, I actually like it better because you can just skip the annoying commercials, sometimes they really ruins the excitement, so it was better we have it that way! Anyway, we finally watched the Survivor's first episode last night and it was AWESOME! Did I mention that Russell and Boston Rob are there? Oh yeah, by the way, I'm team Russell! I don't know if I would like him in real life, but I do like him as player on Survivor, he really knows how to play that game, he has proven it two times, unfortunately, he did get the Jury votes, which I thought was ludicrous, I already expected that they were not gonna cast their votes for him because they were mad at him for masterminding for all of them to go home, he was more deserving to win than anybody that were in the finals with him. That just my personal opinion. Anyhow, you can already tell the way Rob and Russell glanced at each other that there's definitely a competition going on between these two who can go to the farthest, it's too early to tell but so far, Russell is winning, the good thing about this season is, the voted off player won't immediately go home, they'll get a second chance by getting sent to Redemption Island and wait for the next cast off and there, they'll compete with each other and whoever wins, get's another chance to go back to the game and the loser will be sent home for good which means, if Russell gets voted off early, he'll have a second chance to come back! I am just getting started with this, can't wait for the next episode which will be next Wednesday, that's a long time for me to wait, but there's nothing I can do! :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

been eying these!

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored or even if I'm not, just being lazy sometimes, is to browse my favorite stores online and look for some good deals on some apparels, shoes, handbags and all that girly stuffs. Those are just some of my addictions that I couldn't hardly afford being in our financial situation right now, all I could afford to buy are the ones that are on sale and sometimes they are still a little pricey. Anyhow, I found this site about a year ago, I haven't bought anything on there, but, I've been eying two of their sandals, perfect for spring and summer time. I almost bought it the other day for I was scared they'll be gone before spring comes, unfortunately, their site was under construction and my registration did not go through. And now it seems like I won't be able to get these two until next month since I already spent the last dollars in my credit card earlier on some of my other addictions, hopefully, they would still be available! The pictures below are the sandals that I have been dying to have...

I know for a fact that I am not the only one that are so addicted with shoes, clothes, handbags, make-ups, etc., my husband keeps complaining, why would anybody wants to have over 30 pairs of shoes when you can only wear one at a time, I told him before that I can always wear different one every time I go out, I guess this is just a girl thing, but the weird thing about me is I don't even hardly wear most of the shoes that I own, and even my clothes, I still got some clothes that I bought years ago that still has tags on them, and perfumes, I like buying them but I don't use them, I just like looking at them. I'm pretty sure it has something to do when I was growing up, we were so poor that my parents couldn't afford to buy new clothes or shoes for 6 kids, so that's probably why I'm going overboard on these, but this coming spring/summer, I'll try to wear all the new ones that I already have and try to avoid buying more stuff but after I purchase those two! LOL!

so relax!

Glad to see that it's in the 70's outside right now! It is actually getting hot inside our house, almost in the 80's. I'm really sweating, but I'm not complaining, I'm loving it! Right now, I'm just relaxing, I've done some of my chores and it's a nice feeling when you don't have to worry about the house being so cluttered and unexpected visitors will come! I am just so relaxed and excitedly waiting for tonight's premiere of "Survivor: Redemption Island". To all Survivor fans out there, don't forget to stay tuned tonight at 8/7c on CBS channel!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so sweet of him...

My Valentines Day yesterday was never been better, despite the fact that our plans to eat out and watch a movie has been rescheduled, that did not change anything at all, I still had a great day, great memories and keepsakes! First and foremost, yesterday when I went to pick up my son from my in-law's house, I brought the hand made card that I made for my mother-in-law and gave it to her, she was just so touched that I had taken the time to make her something, she told me that, it means the world to her and that she would forever cherish it, my son saw me handed the card to my in-law, he ran out to the yard and picked  up some leaves and ran back to the porch and handed me the leaves and he said "I got you 3 leaves Mama, it means I love you, Happy Valentimes day!", that was just the sweetest thing I have ever heard of, my mother-in-law almost cried. When we were coming home, he also picked some more leaves to give to his daddy, said the exact same thing and my husband was really touched too! The picture below was the actual leaves he gave us, I put it in the vase, I'm planning to put it in my scrapbook, so it could last for a long time...
these are the actual leaves that my son gave us yesterday, it may look like a garbage to some people, but to me and hubby, they're pieces of treasures....most parents know what I mean!
Anyway, when me, my in-law and my son went to the store, we stopped by the Pharmacy, I saw this Toy Story mailbox, he is a big fan of Toy Story, I bought it for him, so he can have a Valentines gift, the mailbox has 32 tiny cards inside, I told him to to give out some of the cards to our friends at church, including our Priest, we were heading that way for something and so he did, and he signed it, and put their names as well and they were all just so touched! I told him also to make one for his daddy and Nana and he did, so when we came home, he handed the card to his daddy and of course my hubby was so touched too, what I did not expect was, he also made me one, I really did not see that coming, he is the most thoughtful little guy I have ever seen and I'm so proud to be his mother! The pictures below was the card he made me!
that's his actual handwriting, he knows how to write "Mama, Daddy, David, Kim, and Nana"...

this card will go in my scrapbook with the leaves...
Yesterday was the best Valentines day yet for me! I could not ask for more and I would not trade it for anything!

Monday, February 14, 2011

poor fellow!

My soon to be 5 year old son, spent the night over at his Nana's house last night, he usually spends the night over there sometimes 2 times a week, it's every Friday night because my mother-in-law comes to our house that day to eat dinner with us and then when it's time for her to go home, David always want to go with her, so it became the usual routine for him to spend the night on Fridays, and sometimes on Sunday's he'll want to spend the night over there too. Anyhow, according to my mother-in-law, he has been awake since 3 o'clock this morning, and had been playing outside as soon as the sun came up and warmed up, about 11 this morning, I went to my in-law's house to pick him up and get him ready coz me and my in-law had plans to go to the dump and to the grocery store. It was about 7 p.m. when my mother-in law drove us home, we ate supper and David started playing with his toys as soon as he finished his food, went to his bedroom and was watching movies at the same time, and I was doing my usual things, suddenly, I just noticed that it got really quite, I can still hear his TV, I called him and he did not answer, so I got up from the couch and went to his bedroom and there he was in the floor fast asleep, I snapped some pictures of him, I thought it's so funny the way he's sleeping and at the same time feel sorry for him because I know for sure that he is exhausted! The pictures below shows how he is sleeping right now...

Happy ♥'s Day!

A little something for everybody! Spread the L♥ve!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

meet my bff..

The picture above is me and my bff Missy. This was taken today, right after mass. Let me tell you a little something how we got to be best friends. Me and her went to the same High School together, first time we met, we were in our Sophomore years, our classrooms were side by side, something happened that our Principal that time decided to eliminate their class section, it might have been the School was low on Teachers, there were about over 30 students in that class, Missy included, they divided and transferred them with the other classes, Missy was transferred to a different class and her close friend that time was in my class, she begged my Adviser to let her be in our class, so my adviser let her, my first impression with her, was that she was really "arte" or snobby and strict, and she felt the same way with me, we did not really like each other that much, little did we know, we would become best friends! It started when I decided to join the school band and she was already in that band, we were both lyrist or a Xylophonist, and we got to talking and found out that we had a lot in common, we were hanging out with almost the same friends, hated the same enemies, I would go over to her house and we'd go together in the Plaza or Park and hang out there! So, by the time we were in our Senior years, we gotten really close...after High School, we'd still hang out together, there was one point that we lost our communication for a short time, that was when I was already here in the US, but it resumed through the internet. Anyway, look at us now, we were really meant to be best friends forever, she married a guy that live nearby, so we're basically neighbors, about 5 minutes drive from my house to theirs, sometimes she'll come over and we'd do a little karaoke, cook some Filipino food and etc. It is so nice to have a friend close by, especially if you've known them for a very long time, like me and Missy! I've heard this saying many times "First Impression won't last" and I believe that in this case, there's the proof!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


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Friday, February 11, 2011

my dream vacations!

All the cold weather is making me think of taking a tropical vacation, if only I have the money to do it, I'm probably enjoying the sunny beaches right now. The ideal places for me to go, first in the list would be Hawaii, I've been wanting to go there for so long...of course, it's the financial situation that's stopping me, just recently, I added my P.E. teacher in High School on Facebook, and she lives in Hawaii with her husband and cute son, and I saw some of her pictures, oh I just love it, just imagine the sun, the white sandy beaches, the good foods, reminds me so much of my native land! 

The other places that I've been wanting to see is California, I heard a lot of nice things about it, makes me wanna go there even more, I asked my husband one time, if he ever decides to move in other state, which one is it gonna be, and he told me that his ideal state is California, he said the weather there would be perfect for him, it's about the same all year, gosh, wouldn't it be wonderful, if it's in the 70's all year? I would really love to move there!

There is another thing that I really want to do, it has been my life long dream, to be able to visit one of the "Seven Wonders of the World" like "The Great Wall of China", I can just see the breathtaking, picturesque views in my head. It probably feels like going back to ancient times when you're there, unfortunately, with our financial situation right now, these dreams will remain a dreams, but, this is a promise to myself, one day, I'll see all those places that I've been longing to see before I exit this world, hopefully that would be a long time! LOL!

Good morning!

Wow, I actually made it this morning. LOL! It is so unlikely for me to be awake this early, especially if we went to bed about 3am, me and hubby actually had a good conversation about when we were growing up, finally went to sleep around 5am, then FedEx woke us up about 9 this morning and I was gonna go back to sleep but I couldn't, so I decided to just get up and have a cup of coffee, grrrrrr, it's really, really cold, it's only 31 degrees outside, I mean it's not that cold compare to previous weathers, but I am just absolutely freezing and I think the lack of sleep has contributed something to it too, but at least, the sun is shining bright, as it gets later, it will get warmer as well. I'm just glad to see the sun! Well, I'm gonna get off here and grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee that I couldn't do without. I just wanted to say good morning to everybody!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Handmade craft organizer!

Finally, after a gruesome 6 hours that I spent last night and 2 more hours I spent today, my handmade organizer is finally finished! 

Inside (Before and After)

I love how it turned out! I've been needing an organizer for my supplies, I did not want to pay over 40 dollars for one, so I made one myself. I maybe a cheapskate, but why in the world would you pay for something if you can make your own? Not me baby! LOL! Hope you all enjoy this!

I demand my days back!

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

It seems as though it's that time of year again, time to send the little one back to school. Her winter break has finally ended and it's goodbye to the jolly guy! There is so much to be done before she can return. I have to make a grocery store run, make sure everything is packed up and get caught up on the laundry. Clean socks and underwear in the drawer, check! It's almost like preparing for the beginning of the school year all over again. There are new clothes, new pencils and folders and the endless lunch choices that must be made. I can't wait! My house will resume natural working order in t- 19 hours and counting. Do you know what this means? This means there will be no more spongebob marathon, no more waking the baby up, no more consuming of an entire box of cereal in one day and no more stealing my computer. This means I will not have to set my house security
alarm every time she runs in and out of the house. But rather set it once and get tucked in on the couch so I can get caught up on my "Regis and Kelly". So here's to the next couple months of peace and quiet I have before summer break comes and we start all over!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what I've got so far...

Ok, this is just a preview of what my craft organizer is gonna look like, I am not done, this is also a little step by step on how I did it...

First, I looked for a cardboard box that's big enough to fit all my craft supplies like, cut-up cardstock papers, stickers, colored pens, scissors, glues, and etc. I cut the flaps on 3 sides only and left one(I want my organizer to have a lid). I taped the other flap to the one that I left so it would be long enough to cover the box, the picture below shows it...

Then, I used the other flaps that I had cut off to make a compartments, I used a glue gun, it's much easier to use a glue gun for the fact that it dries instantly (but be cautious, glue gun gets really hot!). I wanted to put a lot of compartments in it, so I can organize more stuff. Pictures below shows it...

You all got to remember that this is not done, the glue gun is a lot of mess, but I'm not worried about it, because I'm planning on covering the inside with designed papers. The picture below is what I've gotten so far, this is what it's gonna look like when I get done with this except that I have not covered it yet...

I'll be back again later when I'm done!

New Project!

I'm currently working on this new craft project that I just thought about yesterday. I was gonna start it yesterday but something came up so I stopped. Today, I'm planning on finishing it, as soon as I get done cleaning the house, I have to do that first, because, once I get started on something, I cannot stop. So before I get carried away here, I'm getting off now, finish my lunch, start cleaning and then proceed onto finishing my project. When I get done, I'll post it later. Bye, bye for now!

Monday, February 7, 2011

so inspiring!

As you all know, I am so into Arts and Crafts, so I try to visit blogs that are into arts and crafts too as much as I can. Let me tell you, I am just so amazed of how talented some of these people are, they come up with all these great, great ideas, designs and etc., makes you question yourself, "why didn't I come up with these before?" I mean, how talented can you really get? And it's like the more they make things, the more they get better. Every time I visit one of these sites, they really inspires me, it gives me this encouraging feeling, the creative side of me kicks in and I get all of these ideas that I can make that I have never thought of before. I really appreciate those people who are so talented and thoughtful enough to share their hard works with others. I will do my best to the same and try to come up with great ideas too!


Are lockers really necessary? To tell you all the truth, I really don't know much about them! I grew up in a poor country where most Schools could not afford to have a school lockers. There was one time that I used one, but I did not use it for a long time, it was this company that imports and exports fashion jewelry and I was working there, that was my very first job, I was only sixteen then, and I remember that they only hired people 18 years of age and above, that was the legal age in our country to work. I don't have a clue, how I managed to get hired. Anyway, the company had  employee lockers, but there weren't enough for all the employees. You had to share it with somebody, and I thought, how can you have your personal space if you have to share with somebody? But anyway, I worked there for almost a year, and I finally quit, coz I decided to go to college.

Anyhow, I guess for most people, lockers are really necessary, especially if you want to have a personal space. I've experienced it one time, how hard it is not to have a secure place to put your personal belongings, especially nowadays, where you can not trust people anymore!

wide awake!

Right now, it's 3:05 in the morning, and I am wide awake! This is really not unusual to me to be awake this late, because most of the time, me and hubby goes to bed like this late or much later! But, the unusual part is, I have been up since 8 o'clock this morning and I have not taken any nap at all. My body is really tired and my eyes are hurting but I just couldn't make my brain to shut down. I could never have a day without conking out, no matter where I am, no matter what time it is and no matter what position I'm in! LOL. I can go to sleep with my neck twisted, just ask my husband.LOL! But it is so different tonight, I have been washing clothes all day, fold them and put them up, I've cleaned the car inside and out and I am really tired, I even watched TV for about 6 hours, I was so sure earlier that I would fall asleep, but to my surprise, I didn't! I actually watched a whole movie without going to sleep. That's very, very unusual. Again, ask my husband! LOL! Well, I guess, I'll just go to bed and lay down, until my tired body defeats my rebellious brain. Night, night you all!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Handmade Valentines card!

I decided to make my own Valentines Cards instead of buying them. The left side, top and bottom, is for my husband and right side,  is for my Mother-in-law. I try to make my own stuff as much as I can if they're easy enough to make , and if I have all the supply to make it. For me, it is more meaningful when you give someone a handmade gifts or cards, especially if you put a lot of hard work on it. I'm not saying that I did a lot of work on those cards, as you can see, they are just very simple designs, I could have made a much better cards using my Cricut machine, but the power was out and as soon as I finished making them, the power came back on. Fortunately, my husband and my in-law are one of those people who really appreciates handmade stuff! I guess, it doesn't really matter where the cards came from or how much it cost, after all, it's always the thought that counts!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glass Etching

Glass Etching is another hobby that I like doing, it's very easy to do, you can use a chemical that you can buy at the craft store or if you want to do it professionally, you can use a sand blaster. I've used both of them, I like using the chemical, because, it's much faster and easy, but the downfall is, the chemical is too expensive, while the sand blaster, is much affordable and you can reuse the sand too, but, it's too much work and very noisy, because you have to use an air compressor to hook up the sand blaster! The picture above was something that I etched for our Priest on his birthday. The good thing about this glass etching is, you can pretty much etch any kind of glass. I'm not saying that I am an expert, I am fairly new to this, I just started last year, you may want to do your own research about this and try it sometimes. It is really fun, I guarantee you!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade Magazine/Catalog Box

I have been looking for a magazine/catalog holder for a while now, but I did not have that much chance to look around, when we went to Michael's two weeks ago, they had some baskets and boxes on sale, but I did not buy any because they were about over 10 dollars each and I thought it was too much for a piece of box! Anyway, earlier today, I was looking around at our house and I can see a bunch of catalogs, magazines and sales papers, here and there, we got piles and piles of them, I would love to throw them away but it's mostly my husband's Catalogs so I wouldn't dare throwing one because he'll get upset. That's the reason why I've been wanting a box or holder, so I can put them in it and they wouldn't be everywhere. Then I thought of something, we have plenty of cardboard boxes from the packages that we had ordered before, we don't throw them away because I sell stuff on ebay too, and I reuse them to ship the item that gets sold! I thought of making my own catalog/magazine box, I found a cardboard box that's big and wide enough to fit, probably, about 20 magazines and catalogs, that's how much we get every week. I do not save the old ones, when the new one comes, the old ones goes to the garbage immediately! I do not like stocking up papers unless, they're decorative ones! Anyhow, the picture above is the box that I made earlier, it's just a very simple design, I just cut off the flaps on the box and covered it with my leftover designed paper that I had cut off when I was making my scrapbook. See, I don't throw the left-over papers, sometimes they come in handy! I used a self-sticking foam letters that I bought at Michaels to label the box! I wrapped a thin ribbon around it, so it will have a little character to it and glued a little artificial flowers on it, it's better than displaying a cardboard box in the living room that would look so tacky! Some of you might not like it at all, but it's okay, there ought to be at least one that will! And one is good enough for me!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flowers in my garden!

I just couldn't wait much longer for the spring to come! I have couple of reasons why I am so anxious about it, mainly, I am so tired of the cold weather and I miss my colorful flowers in my garden. The picture above are some of the plants that I have in my garden. Tulips, are especially my favorite of all, they are just the loveliest flower I have ever seen, I probably have 4 or more different colors planted right now, I think I have, Red, Pink, almost Black color and wild Tulips. The second on the list are my Roses, I got about 5 of them, two Yellow, one Red, one White, and one Two-tone color. I've got Daffodils, Columbines, Hyacinths, of course Strawberry, my son loves them. I have Irises, Gladiolas, Stargazer lilies, Azaleas, Forsythias and so much more, not to mention my indoor plants, I've got two Orchids, and a collections of Exotic Angel Plants and I'm still not contented with all of them, I still want to buy some more when spring time comes. I just love plants, especially if they have lovely flowers on them! My Hubby and my in-law tells me all the time that I am really good at plants and that I have a green thumb, my in-law always want me to plant her plants to make sure they'll come back.  I was looking at the Burgess Catalog the other day, and I saw this Lavender plant, I'm thinking of buying one coz I like it's color, but I don't know where I'm gonna put it though, our house is located on top of the hill, it's not a plain yard, so space is limited. But anyway, my Hyacinths are starting to sprout, hopefully that's a good sign that spring is coming soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gourd Painting!

One of the things that I really like doing is painting Gourds. When you live in a country place like me, you would see a lot of these hanging out the porches of most houses here. You can do a lot of things with them, you can either hang them out the porch as a birdhouse, or you can just leave it inside the house for decorative use, or, you can use them as a gift to give to people who are appreciative to a hand-made gifts. They're usually the older people who appreciates gifts like these. Anyway, the picture above was hand-painted by me, mostly gone, I've given them away as a Christmas gifts but I still got about 5 left that remained unpainted, one of these days, I will finish them, so I can hang them outside for the spring and give to some close friends. If you have any gourds, don't throw them away, you can do a lot of things with them, a little paint here and there, you will be amazed of what you can do, so try it!